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What would it look like
if we started over?
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So, what do you think?
"What would it look like if we started over in
  • food
  • my job
I'm years old and the biggest problem with food is
  • it tastes bad
  • it's too expensive
  • it's bad for me
If we started over,
  • cheap food would be healthy
  • healthy food would be delicious
  • my family would eat together
I'm years old and the biggest problem with my job is
  • I wish I were doing something I believed in
  • my strengths are not being fully optimized
If we started over,
  • I would believe in what I'm doing
  • the things that I'm really good at would be what I do most of the day
Starting over makes me feel .
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Here's what's possible:

Food today is kinda crazy. Everyone has a million things going on — and even though we might care about eating well, it's pretty damn hard to. We ask ourselves, “What would it look like if we started over?” If we started over in food, the cheap thing would be healthy and the healthy thing would be delicious. And it would be insanely easy for folks to eat well, together — sharing a meal around the dinner table.

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